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replacement of sash windows identified on drawings, external timber door (DG 17) and roof
repairs. alterations to the internal layouts: removal of timber partitions to the ground floor utility, shower and rear hall area and the existing staircase to the rear first floor section of the property (annex) The proposal is to create an office and a utility room replacing the existing staircase at ground floor level. At first floor level the floor will be sealed on the existing staircase location and the existing kitchen will be removed and replaced with an en-suite bathroom. The existing staircase from the kitchen to the first floor is proposed to be
removed, this staircase is modern and was installed during the refurbishments carried out in the 1980’s. Bedroom 2 en-suite will be extended into the adjacent WC which will require
The existing staircase from first to second floor will be replaced with a new staircase located on the position of the former staircase to the kitchen. There will also be a re-configuration of the second floor layout with alterations to modern partitions, insulation will be added to the walls and roof and a bathroom will be installed at this level. The defective timber sliding sash windows will be replaced with painted timber with heritage double glazed units being incorporated. An existing recessed light well to basement windows is proposed to be enclosed using lightweight horizontal metal black finished fencing to provide protection to the drop on the west elevation.

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20th Century Society
Coco Whittaker
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Council for British Archaeology
Alison Edwards
Not for action
Gardens Trust
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Georgian Group
Gareth Roberts
Assessed, no comment
Historic Buildings and Places
Lucie Carayon
Assessed, no comment
Organisation not notified
Victorian Society
Tom Taylor


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Dear Ms Thompson,

Thanks very much for consulting the Victorian Society about these proposals. I’m sorry our response is late, but hope that our comments can still be taken into account.

We have no concerns about most of the proposals. We are concerned, however, about the proposed replacement of many of the windows. From the available photographs it seems as though the existing windows are likely later-nineteenth century horned sashes, perhaps replacements for earlier windows with glazing bars. If so, then they are an important part of the story of the building, reflecting later 19th-century technological possibilities and the desire to increase light and demonstrate prosperity, and replacing them will cause some harm to the significance of the building. No evidence has been provided either that they are not historic, or that they are beyond repair, and no clear and convincing justification has been offered for their wholesale replacement, as is required by the NPPF, paragraph 194. We therefore recommend that your authority withholds consent, seeks further justification for this aspect of the proposals, and if necessary, revisions. Best practice is to repair historic windows where possible — the applicant should refer to Historic England’s guidance document ‘Traditional Windows: Their Care, Repair and Upgrading’.

Yours sincerely,


Dr Tom Taylor

Conservation Adviser

The Victorian Society

1 Priory Gardens

London W4 1TT Telephone 020 8747 5894

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